Joyce Lester is a Pastor, teacher, counselor and author. She has been a believer for fifty years and a licensed and ordained minister for thirty years.

Joyce teaches a weekly interdenominational discipleship Bible class at Joyce Lester Ministries, teaching biblical principles about how to live a victorious Christian life.

Joyce is the author of several books.  Her latest book is ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT!/The POWER Source JESUS Provided, a book that teaches the role the Holy Spirit should have in every area of a believer’s life.

Joyce is a Pre-Marital and Marriage Counselor. She has a Christian counseling practice in St. Paul, MN where she provides Biblical counseling for individuals and couples. 

She hosts a monthly workshop and support group called Empowering Women In Relationships for single, married, divorced, and widowed women where she teaches them how to have healthy relationships and ask questions about specific issues they are facing. She ministers in churches, women’s retreats, conferences, and couple’s retreats throughout the nation.

Joyce is a life skills coach and former Director of a transitional housing program for women with children. She has worked in social services for over twenty years where she works with homeless, chemically dependent, mentally challenged, and formerly incarcerated individuals. As a life coach she facilitates parenting, men’s and women’s workshops, providing them with skills to overcome obstacles that are preventing them from reaching their maximum potential.