Christian Counseling Services

Christian Counseling Services

Joyce Lester is a Christian counselor serving Individuals, Married Couples and Youth ages 12-17.

Many people are psychologically wounded due to historical and cultural developments that often manifest specifically in family relationship problems.

Growing up with absentee mothers and fathers, domestic abuse, and other traumas, leaves people ill-prepared for the responsibilities necessary to create a wholesome and fulfilling life.

Individuals can be emotionally or psychologically wounded at any time during their lives, but the inner hurts that result from dysfunctional childhoods have the most far-reaching consequences.

By remaining emotionally numb many people avoid residual pain, but the effects of a lifetime of socially negative behavior results in lifestyles that ultimately prove to be debilitating. 

Joyce‘s goal in counseling  is to provide Biblical solutions about how to heal from trauma, and provide tools on how to be free from whatever is preventing individuals and couples from becoming successful.